Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kazem al-Saher - It Burned my Soulكاظم الساهر - حرقت الروحHaragt al Rooh

To see the original version of this song performed by Afifa Iskender click here.

Kazem al-Saher - It Burned my Soul

It burned my soul when we parted
I cried and drowned them in my tears
What did my heart say when we parted
It burned my soul when we parted

I bid them farwell as I say how can I forget them
My heart, for God's sake go with them
I would rather die than us be apart

I want those who left me to come back from the journey
I want to give them my affection as a keepsake
I've experienced every kind of affliction

كاظم الساهر - حرقت الروح

حرقت الروح لمن فارقتهم
بكيت ومن دموعي غرقتهم
إيش قال القلب لمن ودعتهم
حرقت الروح لمن فارقتهم
اْودعهم واْقول إشلون اْنساهم
ياقلبي لخاطر الله روح وياهم
اْريد الموت اْنا وماريد فرقاهم
اْريد اللي فارقوني بعد مشوار
اْريد اْنطيهم الدلال تذكار
واْنا بكل المصايب جربتهم

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